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Advocacy is at the heart of Disability Network of Mid-Michigan. Our mission is to help individuals with disabilities gain access to equal opportunities in social, economic, educational and legal forums.  We work to identify local, state and national topics of importance to all people with disabilities, and to promote full inclusion and improved implementation of existing laws.


We also operate from the perspective of helping consumers be self-advocates. That means we don’t do things for you, we do them with you.


We assist people with disabilities with understanding their rights, whether it be with regard to Social Security, Medicare Part D, or Medicaid. We have experience advocating in employment, educational and community settings. 

The ADA Center in New England has recently published a free, self-paced web-course, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which provides an overview of disability rights laws. The course takes approximately two hours and includes real-life scenarios, quizzes and a final exam. If you’d like to take advantage of this unique course to learn about your rights under federal disability laws, CLICK HERE.


CLICK HERE to read frequently asked questions about filing a complaint under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


We believe it’s not the disability that prevents people from participating in our communities; it’s the barriers placed in front of them. Through systems advocacy, Disability Network of Mid-Michigan works with consumers, businesses, agencies and communities to remove those barriers.

Three main areas in which we engage in systems advocacy are: Affordable and Accessible Housing, Transportation, and Employment.

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