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Assistive Technology (AT) is any item, product, system or equipment that improves life for people with disabilities. AT includes everything from walkers, reachers, grab bars, and hospital beds to power scooters, custom vans, Braille machines and computer screen-reading software. Disability Network can help you find the AT you need and also the resources to pay for it. The Michigan Assistive Technology Loan Fund is specifically set up for people with disabilities and it offers a low-interest loan for the technology you may need. We can help you apply for the loan. We also provide demonstrations of a number of low-cost AT items that can help you maintain your independence.

For information about available assistive technology devices, please call 1-800-782-4160 today!



DNMM has published a series of videos featuring various assistive technology devices.
Videos are uploaded regularly.


Click here to view our AT Playlist on YouTube.

AT Device Holiday Catalog-1.jpg

Looking for an A.T. Device? Click the image above to view our AT Holiday Catalog featuring items assisting with communication, memory, mobility, dressing, cooking, and hearing/vision.

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