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Corona Virus frequently asked questions and info

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The Coronavirus outbreak may be stressful and have you feeling anxious. Taking care of yourself can help you cope with stress. Everyone reacts differently to uncertain situations. Stress during an outbreak may include:

  • Fear and worry about your health.

  • Changes in your sleeping or eating patterns.

  • Difficulty sleeping or concentrating.

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Things You Can Do to Support Yourself


  1. Take breaks from watching, reading or listening to news stories, including social media. Hearing about the pandemic repeatedly can be unsettling.

  2. Take care of your body. Take deep breaths, stretch or meditate.

  3. Try to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, exercise and get plenty of sleep.

  4. Make time to unwind. Try to do activities that bring you joy.

  5. Connect with others. Talk with people you trust about your concerns and how you are feeling.

  6. Call your healthcare provider if stress gets in the way of your daily activities for several days in a row.


Six Daily Questions to Ask Yourself in Quarantine

  1. Who am I checking in on, or connecting with today?

  2. How am I getting outside today?

  3. What am I grateful for today?

  4. How am I moving my body today?

  5. What beauty am I creating, cultivating or inviting in today?

  6. What expectations of normal am I letting go of today?

Are you wondering why we have a
"Stay Home Stay Safe" order in Michigan?
Here's why:

Step by step pictogram of why it's important to stay home during the covid-19 crisis.