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DNMM receives donation from Knights of Columbus for second year in a row

Knights of Columbus - St. Bridgids Council, Midland, MI donates to Disability Network of Mid-Michigan

For the second year in a row, Disability Network of Mid-Michigan is honored to be a donation recipient from the Knights of Columbus annual fundraiser. This fundraiser, often referred to as the “Tootsie Roll Drive” is really a “Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities”. The nickname is due to the nature of the fundraiser in which Knights distribute Tootsie Rolls in exchange for donations used to support programs geared to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Our sincere thanks go out to the Knights of Columbus at St. Brigids in Midland, MI for their belief in our organization and mission to support those with disabilities within the 12 mid-Michigan counties we serve.

Disability Network of Mid-Michigan is leading the charge to change societal attitudes about people with disabilities, and to provide an environment where everyone, regardless of their abilities, can contribute to their communities based on their own interests, skills, and desires. Through a variety of services, DNMM provides assistance to people with disabilities, their families, and the community.

The gracious donation from the Knights of Columbus will help us continue our work for the advocacy and assistance of our consumers. We are truly grateful for their support.

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