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Egypt's Secret Side - Peer Activities Group - January 8th at 3pm

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Midland Kiwanis Club and Kiwassee Kiwanis Club presents Travel and Adventure Series: “Egypt’s Secret Side” with Karin Muller If you read the tourist brochures, Egypt is all about pharaohs and pyramids; the evening news commonly depicts conflict and extremism. Neither could be further from the truth. “EGYPT’s SECRET SIDE” takes you on a dramatic, fast-paced, and unforgettable journey through a side of Egypt that few Westerners will ever see.

Adventure filmmaker and author Karin Muller traveled alone throughout Egypt – living with Cairo’s garbage collectors, Nile fisherman, and Bedouin nomads. She ate sheep brains with camel herders, fasted through the blistering heat of Islam’s Holy Month, and spent long evenings in smoke-filled coffee houses to gain the trust of Mullahs, souk-market sellers, and young revolutionaries. Karin filmed the boxing club inside a Cairo mosque, ritual stick-fighting in a wild and remote Muslim festival, and an entire village living among the tombs of Cairo’s largest cemetery.

Egypt has been shrouded in fear and misinformation. The truth behind this vibrant and often misunderstood country is not what you’d expect. Egypt's Secret Side is on January 8th at 3pm at the Midland Center for the Arts. CALL US AT DISABILITY NETWORK TO RSVP: 989-835-4041.

Note: We have a few free tickets left. Call today to get yours. Otherwise tickets can be purchased directly from Midland Center for the Arts.

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