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If You Are Working and You Have a Disability, You May Qualify For PASREP!

pas rep client saying: "words cannot express how helpful pas rep is. i appreciate it every day."

Are you working but need something to help make ends meet? PASREP can help!

Is the cost of personal assistance a barrier to your employment? If you have a significant disability, are paying out of pocket for personal assistance, and are working at least 24 hours per week you might be eligible for PASREP.

The Personal Assistance Services Reimbursement Employment Program (PASREP), is a Michigan-based statewide organization that reimburses eligible persons with disabilities for personal assistance costs required to gain or maintain employment. PASREP provides limited reimbursement of personal care assistance costs for persons with disabilities who are employed. These individuals could not continue to work without the personal care assistance. PASREP helps individuals maintain their employment, their quality of life, and their independence.

PASREP helps break the barrier to going back to work by assisting with out-of-pocket personal assistance costs. This can help bridge the gap caused by lost benefits. PASREP recipients receive reimbursements for personal assistance services up to $1,000 per month.

Click here if you are interested in applying for PASREP or call 1-800-782-4160.


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