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Local Business Goes Above and Beyond to Help DNMM STAGES Program

Subway logo in yellow and green

On February 6th, DNMM had scheduled a visit with a charter bus company to take students from the Clare/Gladwin RESD to tour Michigan Career and Technical Instituted in Plainwell. However, snow, ice, and cold required a last minute cancellation. DNMM had previously ordered forty sub sandwiches from the Midland Subway Café on South Saginaw. So now that the trip had been cancelled last minute, what was to happen with the order?

"We figured we were going to have to eat the cost of the order," said DNMM Skill Development Program Manager Lowell Gisel. "However, Subway contacted us and offered to donate the sandwiches to a local shelter, rather than charge us for the lunches. They didn't even think twice about it."

The MCTI trip was rescheduled for late March. After rescheduling, the number of attendees grew to over 100 on three motor coaches. In order to get to the various pick-up locations and be on time for departure, we needed the lunches to be available right after the Subway Cafe opened for the day.

student at MCTI using equipment

"We just expected they would make the sandwiches the night before," added Gisel. "However, when we arrived to pick up the lunches at 6:15am, their staff had just finished making up all the lunches. They had come it about 3:30 am to get these done and to have them as fresh as possible for us."

Subway Cafe was certainly not obligated to donate the first cancelled order and they certainly didn't have to come in to work several hours early just for us, but they did. These were two instances of wonderful customer service and fine examples of their commitment to their customers and to their community. We thank and applaud Subway for these efforts and we look forward to working with them again.

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