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Give Change For Change

Starting September 9th and continuing through October 31st, the United Way of Midland County will be holding its annual Pledge Campaign. As a United Way partner agency, DNMM will be holding several events to raise money for the United Way as a means of giving back to the community that not only supports our agency, but the people we serve and their families.

During this campaign period, DNMM will be hosting a "Give Change for Change" drive. We will have collection jugs in our office lobby (1705 S. Saginaw Road in Midland) and at each expo or event we attend. We encourage our staff, friends, family, neighbors, consumers, and supporters to stop by and donate their spare change. Every little bit helps those in need!

We're happy to take the kind of change that jingles, but we also love the kind that folds!

Help us make a difference. Stop by, say hello, and Give Change for Change!

Give Change for Change shows a pile of spare change with various people wearing United Way tshirts. the DNMM logo and United Way logos are also displayed.

#Fundraising #CommunityEvent

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