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DNMM Celebrates LGBTQ+ Pride Month

June is National Pride Month. We celebrate this month because Pride promotes dignity, equal rights, self-affirmation and helps to increase society's awareness of issues that the community may face. The disability community and the LGBTQ+ community share visions of inclusion, they are both mirrors of one another, and they are intertwined.

"Pride Month Too Often Overlooks LGBTQ Members With Disabilities"

Article by Sarah Kim of Forbes Magazine.

During a time when diversity and inclusion are the main pillars of Pride, people with disabilities are still left out in the discussion and celebration of sexual and gender diversity. Just last year, the historic Stonewall Inn bar denied entrance to a blind queer person because they didn’t provide paperwork for their service dog — a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which states no paperwork is needed for the entrance of a service animal.

That is only one of many examples of how Pride remains mostly inaccessible to the disabled, deaf or hard-of-hearing, blind and people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Accessibility issues are present in gay bars, parties, big parades, as well as protests and rallies.

Please click here to read the rest of the article.

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