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Emergency Allotment for Food Assistance Program

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Effective March 27th, MDHHS under the direction of the Federal government, will provide an emergency allotment to address temporary food needs due to COVID-19 pandemic-related economic conditions for up to two months. The emergency allotment covers the March and April benefit periods for the Food Assistance Program. Active FAP groups who are not currently receiving the maximum benefit amount for their group size will receive a supplement to bring their benefit amount up to the maximum amount allowed for their group size. Groups already receiving the maximum monthly benefit amount will not receive an additional supplement based on Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) guidance. Notification for this supplement will be completed via a press release. No individual correspondence will be sent to FAP groups that are receiving this supplement.

Things to note:

o March and April will be issued separately.

o March’s allotment will be issued on 3/27/20 and 3/28/20 to all eligible households.

o April’s allotment will be issued the day after the issuance of their April benefit amount.

Here is a table of the Food Assistance Program maximum benefits based on group size:

Table of Income limits based on number of persons living in the house: 1 person = $194, 2 persons = $355, 3 persons = $509, 4 persons = $646, 5 persons = $768, 6 persons = $921

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