• Matthew Ivan

Monday Movies!

Join us for our first Netflix Party as we watch the critically-acclaimed documentary: Crip Camp.

Netflix Party is a new way to watch Netflix with your friends online. Netflix Party synchronizes video playback and adds group chat to your favorite Netflix shows.

Crip Camp - Plot Synopsis: In the early 1970s, teenagers with disabilities faced a future shaped by isolation, discrimination and institutionalization. Camp Jened, a ramshackle camp "for the handicapped" in the Catskills, exploded those confines. Jened was their freewheeling Utopia, a place with summertime sports, smoking and makeout sessions awaiting everyone, and campers felt fulfilled as human beings. Their bonds endured as they migrated West to Berkeley, California -- a promised land for a growing and diverse disability community -- where friends from Camp Jened realized that disruption and unity might secure life-changing accessibility for millions. The movie is rated R. Viewer discretion is advised.

To join the party, you must have a Netflix Account and use the Google Chrome web browser.

Click here to download Google Chrome. https://www.google.com/chrome/

Click here to install "Netflix Party" in your Chrome browser.


We will be posting the link to join the Netflix Party at 6:45pm on Monday night on this page and on our Facebook page.

We'll start the Netflix Party at 7:00pm this Monday, April 20th. Click the "NP" in the upper-right corner of your browser to join the party. We can all watch the movie together in real-time, complete with a chat window.

This is a great way to go to the movies with friends during this "Shelter in Place."

See you Monday night!!!

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