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Photo Contest Winners Announced!

For the past several months, DNMM has been asking people with disabilities, their families, and supporters in the community to send in photos showcasing everyday life. From spending time with family and friends, to taking vacations, and from celebrating holidays to just a typical everyday moment. We received a wonderful response to this contest and we thank everyone who shared their memories with us. We are happy to announce the following winning submissions. Each winner will receive a $50 gift card to the restaurant or store of their choice.

anna standing in front of cracker barrel restaurant


Anna shared this picture of shortly after receiving a gold-star recognition from her employer, Cracker Barrel. She continues to lover her new job and we wish her the best. Congratulations, Anna!

ken sitting at picnic table eating biscuits and gravy and eggs


Ken shared several photographs of his summertime experiences. We particularly enjoyed the joy and relaxation evident in this picture of him eating breakfast at camp. Congratulations, Ken!

tyson on back porch with usa flag swimming shorts and vest


Independence is always a theme we hope to highlight, particularly around the 4th of July Independence Day celebrations. Tyson sent in several heart-warming photos with his niece, but we couldn't ignore the sheer joy and patriotism shown in this photo. Congratulations, Tyson!

justine in the kitchen preparing dinner


Showcasing life's everyday moments could seem trivial to some, but we believe these moments tell a valuable story about what "independence" is all about. Justine has been learning to cook over the summer and she took a moment to share this photo of her preparing dinner for the family. Congratulations, Justine!

shelby dressed as harry potter for halloween surrounded by decorations


We received a lot of excellent pictures showcasing people in their Halloween costumes or the decorations at their homes, but this one took the cake. Shelby's Harry Potter costume is spot on and her decorations are equally festive. Congratulations, Shelby!

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