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People with Disabilities are People First. At Disability Network of Mid-Michigan, we empower people to live by the Independent Living philosophy: people with disabilities are the best experts over their lives, their dreams and goals.

We believe people with disabilities have the same right to participation, the same range of options, degree of freedom, control and self-determination as people without disabilities. Disability is a natural part of the human experience and in no way diminishes the right of individuals to:

  • Live Independently

  • Enjoy Self-Determination

  • Make Personal Choices

  • Contribute to the Community

  • Pursue Meaningful Careers

  • Enjoy Full Inclusion in the Community.

Nearly 18 members of the peer group meet at NCG Cinemas in Midland

Our services include In Home ServicesInformation & Referral, Nursing Home Transition, Independent Living Support, STAGES Youth Program, Peer Groups and Mentoring, and Advocacy.


In fiscal year 2022, Disability Network of Mid-Michigan provided services to 734 people with disabilities. In addition, we reached 43,651 people throughout the region through community activities and we provided information and referrals to over 3,369 Michigan residents. And while we are proud of these numbers, we determine our impact not by the quantity of service we provide, but by the improved quality of life of individuals we support.

We work to change societal attitudes about people with disabilities and to provide an environment where everyone, regardless of their abilities, can contribute to their communities based on their interests, skills, and desires.

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